Cape Prepares for Irene

Our Cape community columnist reports on what the area is doing to prepare for the big storm.

After being rattled from this week’s East Coast earthquake, the Cape is now changing gears to prepare for Hurricane Irene. We didn’t invite her, but it looks like Irene is coming! 

Around the Cape, residents are pulling their boats out of the water (half gone by 3 p.m. Friday afternoon), stocking up on food, and testing their generators. Others are bringing in lawn furniture or any other yard items that could blow away or cause damage in 50 MPH winds. 

While this storm is not expected to be like Hurricane Isabel (fingers crossed), many Cape residents are remembering how so many community members volunteered to help each other and work together during the storm, especially with boats. 

With most of the Cape on well water, stocking up on extra bottled water is an important thing to do, as well as filling our bathtubs for other purposes.

Others are stocking up on flashlights, extra batteries, an AM/FM weather radio and nonperishable food, as well as charging cell phones. And our pet lovers aren't forgetting the extra food and water needed for our four-legged friends.  

Some Capers are also stocking up on things like beer and ice cream. Fortunately, in Cape St. Claire, we can pick up all of these items in one place, like , , and here in our shopping center. 

As of noon on Friday, the Cape St. Claire shopping center parking lot was packed. Graul's was well stocked and well staffed. Water was the most popular item, but they still had a good supply. 

One checkout clerk said that it wasn’t just busy; it was “crazy!” 

At Cape True Value, an employee said that “everything that comes in the back door is immediately sold and goes out the front door.” 

So far, they have sold out of flashlights. I think I got the last two bags of Kingsford charcoal. On Thursday, True Value ordered 25 generators and they were all sold that night and didn’t even arrive until Friday morning. 

At Bella’s, their big seller was beer. But it looks like the vodka department was a close second.

was also doing a booming business for those needing a quick touchup before being homebound for at least a few days.

In the Cape, we prepare for the worst; but hope for the best. Please check in on family, friends and neighbors throughout the weekend.   Stay safe everyone!


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