Good Samaritans Help Elderly Man After Fall

Two strangers stopped to help an injured man in the area of Chase Creek.

The following was written by Arnold historian Alberta Stornetta, who related a story of two good Samaritans in the Chase Creek area. Stornetta emailed Patch her account of this charitable act.

A word of thanks to two unknown good samaritans who stopped their cars to render aid to our 93-year-old neighbor who had fallen in the street. I happened to look out my window and saw the commotion. I went out to investigate.

A man and a woman were helping our elderly neighbor, who had fallen to the pavement on Circle Drive, back to his nearby house. He was shaken and bleeding from a bump on the head and various scratches on his hands. These still unknown people helped calm him down and clean him up, while I went for a nurse next door and called a neighbor to notify his daughter.

In all the excitement I didn't get their names. They went on their way unnoticed.

I would just like to say a big thank you to them, whoever they are and point out that is the true spirit of Arnold. Our neighbor is a little the worse for wear, but he will be fine."

Stornetta is a regular contributor to Patch and the author of the upcoming history book on the Broadneck peninsula, titled Arnold, Maryland and Neighbors on the Broadneck. The book is set to be published in February.


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