Q&A: Scott Dembowski, Cape St. Claire's Newest President

Dembowski takes over for Kathleen Mooneyhan as the community association's newest leader.

On Tuesday, the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association (CSCIA) elected its newest president, Scott Dembowski.

The association is responsible for managing the overall affairs in the community, administering the Special Community Benefit District of which the Cape is a part of, and publishing the regular community newsletter, "The Caper."

Patch caught up with Dembowski to ask a few questions about him and what he'll be bringing to the table as the group's newest president.

Broadneck Patch: What challenges will the CSCIA face in the coming year?
Scott Dembowski: CSCIA continues to face challenges regarding covenants violations and other legal issues, which affect the quality of life, and home values for many in the Cape. Fortunately, under the strong leadership of former President Mooneyhan and Vice President Biondi we were able to confront several major legal issues and bring them to acceptable resolutions. 

Broadneck Patch: What do you hope to bring to the CSCIA?
Dembowski: My background in sales, business and lobbying has taught me a great deal about listening, viewing issues from multiple angles and looking past emotions to find solutions to the true problem, and not just applying a band aid to the symptom. I hope that my enthusiasm for improving the amenities of the Cape will catch on with others as we tackle various projects throughout the next year. I'm a huge believer in actions speaking louder than words, and I hope that we can increase the number of dedicated volunteers tenfold. 

Broadneck Patch: What do you think makes Cape St. Claire special as a community?
Dembowski: Cape St Claire has an awesome "small town feel" to me. We have virtually everything we could want or need within our community. From the great shops and restaurants, to the great schools and beaches and parks. It's a boater's and fisherman's dream location with a great boat ramp, three community marinas and an easy 15-minute boat ride to some of the best fishing spots on the bay. 

Broadneck Patch: Do you have any major plans this year during your tenure?
Dembowski: The association always faces many challenges throughout the year, and unfortunately many can't be predicted. We are planning some improvements to the clubhouse, and a major restoration of the Lake Claire property is underway. As we assign our new committee chairs for 2013, I look forward to hearing other board members' ideas. 

Broadneck Patch: I see your name often in the Cape St. Claire Facebook group. What are your thoughts on social media and its role in our daily lives?
Dembowski: I enjoy social media sites such as Facebook, and they play a huge role in our community. Many people who normally wouldn't speak up about an issue feel more relaxed to voice their opinion, and certainly the Internet is how most of us get our daily news now. The downside of social media is the lack of personal interaction, and the carelessness with which many people choose their words. While we may get 100 different suggestions on how to address a problem, we will rarely get more than five people who are willing to put some action behind their words. Complaining on the Internet isn't enough to sustain such a great community; the actions are what gets things done.


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