Pop-Up Shop Hopes to Reinvigorate Annapolis Fashion

Fifteen local designers will be contributing clothing, apparel, jewelry and accessories for the temporary storefront when it opens in March.

Two women from Arnold are launching Annapolis' first ever fashion-focused pop-up shop, a temporary retail outlet that highlights a trend or theme.

"Here," a pop-up shop, will kick off on March 1 at the roundabout on Spa Road and West Street, with its theme "flirting with spring." Fifteen designers from Annapolis will be contributing clothing, apparel, jewelry and accessories for the temporary storefront.

The store will only be open for 10 days in March, but Here's owners, best friends Amy Fresty and Ellen Lunay, believe that's just long enough to add some sporadic spice to Annapolis' retail world. 

And just when you think it's gone, Here will open in another location later in the year, the pair said.

"Everytime we pop up, it will be exciting and new. Annapolis needs that," Fresty said.

Lunay said the idea for the shop came when a friend of hers visited from out of state, talking about how popular pop-up shops had become elsewhere. Why didn't Annapolis have one yet, she asked.

The concept of a seasonally operated store also appealed to the pair's scheduling sensibilities.

"We have five kids between the two of us and we each have other jobs. So this was very appealing to us," Lunay said. "We can open a shop, keep our day jobs and still be able to maintain our family lives."

On the business side, the pair said they've managed to get a 10-day lease on the storefront on Spa Road, in the hopes that the retail sales will exceed the overhead of short-term rental. After that, they plan to open in a new location within six to eight weeks with a new theme.

This season's theme of "flirting with spring" will feature several items with a fresh look, but not everything will be all light blues and birds, the pair said.

"Not everything in the store will be spring-related, jewelry for example is pretty timeless. But quite a few things the designers are working on are spring-related, so that worked out," Fresty said.

Here will host its grand opening at 47 Spa Rd. in Annapolis on March 1. The store will be open from March 1-3, and March 7-10, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

For more information and updates on Here, check the shop's Facebook page or the shop's website.


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