Broadneck Patch's 2012 Year In Review (Part 1)

Broadneck Olympians, the Scrap King's court battle, two new grills and more highlighted 2012's top stories in Broadneck.

Broadneck in 2012 provided no shortage of news—ranging from local glory at the Olympics to great new restaurants opening, and Broadneck High School's swim team making national headlines over shaving.

This was my first full year as the editor of the Broadneck Patch, and over the weeks and months, I developed some great new relationships with readers and sources. I certainly couldn't keep this site alive without all the help from locals. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helps out with tips, leads and information about your lives on a daily basis. You know who you are.

Here are a few of the top stories of the year, along with links to the original stories. Did you miss any of these?

Two Broadneck Grads Compete in Olympics

Broadneck High School graduates Matthew Centrowitz and Farrah Hall both made it to the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games this year and filled friends and relatives with pride. Signs of support could be seen erected across town. Centrowitz had an amazing debut, finishing in fourth place in the men's 1,500 meter finals, and Hall placed 23rd overall in women's windsurfing. 

Centrowitz left the Olympics and then beat his own record in another race in Switzerland, and Hall began training for a different sport—kite boarding.

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Two New Grills Open in Broadneck

The Point Crabhouse and Grill and Mother's Peninsula Grille opened their doors this year in Broadneck, offering both a new seafood and sports bar for eager restaurant-goers.

The Point opened on Labor Day. Co-owner Bobby Jones said he designed the menu to offer the kind of food that should be familiar for those who grew up along the Chesapeake Bay. The atmosphere of the restaurant evokes a friendly, neighborhood vibe. Jones said he hopes it's where locals will return a few times a week, with friends or family.

Mother's Peninsula Grille opened in October, as the sister restaurant to Mother's Federal Hill Grille in Baltimore, which serves as a kind of roost for Ravens fans. The sports bar has been packed ever since it opened, and has offered a variety of contests and live music performances. Owner Dave Rather said he decided to open a Mother's in Arnold because he saw potential in the area, and he also lives nearby.

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Cape St. Claire's Scrap King Enters Court Battle

The condition of Mike Conti's front yard in Cape St. Claire became the battleground for neighbors, an improvement association and the county government this year. Conti regularly kept scrap material strewn about his lawn, with the intent to sell it in what he called a "mega yard sale." But after he was arrested and saddled with a series of theft charges, the yard dispute went much deeper.

Facing the potential for years in jail, a documentary crew rolled into town to look at Conti's story, and filmed a day in his life for their television show called Neighbor Wars. A trailer for its pilot episode can be seen online via Vimeo

In December, Conti cleaned up his yard and put his home up for sale. His trial is scheduled for Jan. 2, 2013, in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

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Man Attempts Heroic Rescue of Severn River Jumper

In March, a volunteer firefighter who saw a man jump off the Severn River Bridge rushed to his aid, and gave Patch a harrowing account of the rescue attempt.

Joe Horton, a volunteer firefighter from Pasadena, told Patch he watched in shock as the man jumped off the bridge, and then his instincts took over.

Horton and Fred Kelly, the Severn Riverkeeper, met for the first time on the river while trying to save Steven Anderson.

"So I said, somebody had to help this guy. Obviously he wasn’t stopping for a scenic view. I told my brother I was going to swim out there to him. My brother said, ‘You’re crazy,'" Horton said.

Read more about Horton's rescue attempt here.

Shaving Violation Costs Broadneck Swimmers the County Title

In February, a Broadneck High varsity swimmer was disqualified after a game-winning meet, costing the team the county title.

The swimmer was disqualified after it was learned that she shaved before the meet, a violation of the rules. The bizarre ruling made national headlines, and even got a reference by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

Broadneck's coach Colleen Winans was suspended from coaching at the team's next meet for not reporting her knowledge of the shaving. Broadneck ended up seizing the regional title despite the previous loss, and reclaimed their glory. At the state tournament, Broadneck tied with Severna Park High School for 10th place.

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Stay tuned Tuesday for part 2 and a review of more of the top stories of the year.


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