Girl Reports Sexual Assault at Quiet Waters Place

Police say a neighbor asked to borrow a hairdryer before he attempted to kiss and touch the girl.

Editor's Note: Sometimes Patch readers recognize the people in our stories even though we leave out their names. We ask that if you recognize the victim in this article, please do not identify her in the comments, as she is a minor. 

A girl was sexually assaulted in her home by a man she knew on Saturday afternoon, according to Annapolis Police.

The girl told police she was at home alone when a man she's known for years knocked on her door and asked to borrow a hairdryer. She let the man into the house while she went upstairs to search.

When she returned downstairs, she told the man she couldn't find a hairdryer and expected him to leave, according to a police report.

Police said he didn't leave, and later "came at her" and "pushed his hands down her pants." The girl told police she ran away, but the man chased her around the house. At one point he pushed open her mother's bedroom door and again tried to kiss the girl.

The man eventually stopped and said, "I'm done; I'm kidding" and walked out of the house.

The girl called her mother who reported the assault to police. The mother said she spoke with the man, who admitted to being in her home.

The girl did not require medical attention, and the incident remains under investigation.

A. October 24, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Are you able to confirm the age of the man who allegedly committed the assault?


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