Police: Drug Dealer Fatally Stabbed Cleaning Woman

A Pasadena who was stabbed to death at a Glen Burnie medical office was reportedly targeted by a fellow drug dealer, Joseph Patrick Soule of Pasadena.

Joseph Patrick Soule, 25, of 1737 Poplar Ridge Road in Pasadena was charged in the death of a Pasadena woman. Credit: Anne Arundel County Police
Joseph Patrick Soule, 25, of 1737 Poplar Ridge Road in Pasadena was charged in the death of a Pasadena woman. Credit: Anne Arundel County Police

A cleaning woman whose body was found at the Medical Arts Centre of Glen Burnie was stabbed to death by a Pasadena man she knew from the illegal drug trade, police said Friday.

The homicide victim, Christie Lynn Pelland, 43, of Pasadena worked for Spiritual Cleaning, Anne Arundel County Police said. Pelland cleaned several of the offices inside the building where she was found Monday morning.

Pelland was stopped by police in a traffic stop after a May 3 shooting at the Royal Farms store in Glen Burnie, but detectives had not linked her as a suspect in the shooting, police said Tuesday. Pelland was arrested as a result of the traffic stop for two outstanding warrants on a drug-related charge.

Detectives investigated both Pelland’s death and the shooting at the Royal Farms store to determine if they are related and what role, if any, the earlier crime may have played in her death.

Friday afternoon police said suspect Joseph Patrick Soule, 25, of 1737 Poplar Ridge Road in Pasadena was an associate of the victim and targeted the attack on Pelland. The victim was robbed was a result of the attack, police said.

Soule was charged with second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment in Pelland's death. He is in custody at the Jennifer Road Detention Center. Police said additional charges are likely.

Crime Solver May 16, 2014 at 09:07 PM
It doesn't mamatter what this woman was engaged in, a human being doesn't get to dictate when it's her time to die. For everyone who had derogatory comments that the victims deserved this, please consider she has a living family that is mourning. My father is a murder victim as well and it can be hurtful for that to be a loved ones legacy. When she died All over some drugs and money. I will keep both families in my thoughts as this is life changing for all families involved. Luckily for Soule his family can visit him in prison when Christie is deprived of life. Before I place any judgement I can acknowledge drugs really make people do things they wouldn't rationally do. Let's not place blame but as a society come together beat this epidemic that is destroying families!
mcgillicuddy May 17, 2014 at 12:27 AM
Good police work!
Steven Spiegel May 18, 2014 at 12:53 PM
Man I don't know about you all but I believe this reporter could have been a little more clear of what was going on here . And of course the woman had a right to live as Crime Solver said . If people who are one drugs are get mixed up in them deserved to die then I would be dead a long time ago . They like myself grow up and start new lives and have children and grandchildren and also some of us even become productive citizens and business owners . I also believe that people do not have the right to kill one another its hurtful enough when they pass of natural causes let alone have there life ripped away from them from some crazed goofball . I have had many people do me wrong in my life and I would have liked to beat the piss out of them unfortunately there is a law against that but never dreamed of killing someone because I realize that person has a Mom and Dad or kids that have done nothing to you and once you kill someone there gone and you are just hurting people that have not done a damn thing to you!!!


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