Voters in Broadneck Chose Romney

Mitt Romney was the winner at all 14 Broadneck precincts.

Most Broadneck voters chose Mitt Romney as the country's next president, according to complete but unofficial results from the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections.

An average of 60 percent of registered voters turned out for the polls at precincts across Broadneck, trumping the county trend. Here's how Broadneck voted:

Voter Turnout

  • Arnold Elementary School: 59.3
  • Arnold Senior Center: 60.9
  • Asbury United Methodist Church: 62.4
  • Belvedere Elementary School: 64.2
  • Broadneck Elementary School: 63.3
  • Broadneck Library: 60.5
  • Broadneck Senior High School: 60.2
  • Cape St. Claire Elementary: 60.6
  • Cape St. Claire Improvement Assoc.: 66.3
  • Magothy River Middle School: 64.7
  • New Covenant Church: 65.4
  • Severn River Middle School: 54.1
  • St. Margaret's Episcopal Church: 61
  • Windsor Farm Elementary School: 60

Choice for President

  • Arnold Elementary School: Romney (51 percent)
  • Arnold Senior Center: Romney (54 percent)
  • Belvedere Elementary School: Romney (57 percent)
  • Broadneck Elementary School: Romney (53 percent)
  • Broadneck Library: Romney (56 percent)
  • Broadneck Senior High School: Romney (51 percent)
  • Cape St. Claire Elementary: Romney (51 percent)
  • Cape St. Claire Improvement Assoc.: Romney (53 percent)
  • Magothy River Middle School: Romney (55 percent)
  • New Covenant Church: Romney (53 percent)
  • Severn River Middle School: Romney (52 percent)
  • St. Margaret's Episcopal Church: Romney (54 percent)
  • Windsor Farm Elementary School: Romney (51 percent)

To see the complete list of how all precincts voted across the state, check Anne Arundel County's Board of Elections website.


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