African Tribal Leader Visits Montessori School

A Maasai leader spoke with students about his culture.

Students at the (MICH) in Arnold were fascinated by a recent visit from a Maasai leader, William Serkobei Ole Osono.

Osono was in town for a cultural exchange program. The Maasai are a tribe of Africans who are semi-nomadic and are known for their distinctive garb.

The Maasai leader enthralled the students with pictures, artifacts and stories that illuminated a very different life than what the students experience. From making sandals out of rubber tires to hunting with a spear, Osono painted a vivid picture of his life in Kenya, according to a release.

Osono uses the funds generated by his cultural exchange program to bring clean water to his village. MICH students have previously raised money to send to rural Africa to provide clean water.

"[This was a] perfect opportunity for our students to have real life contact with another culture, and one that will have a lasting influence on Mr. Osono’s village by helping to provide funds for clean water," said Jean Burgess, MICH's administrative director, in a release.

MICH is an independent school teaching toddlers through sixth grade, and is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale.

More information about MICH can be obtained at its website.


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