Nearly 50 Broadneck Musicians Chosen for All-County Concert

An All-County concert will be held on Feb. 2 featuring 200 of the best student musicians in Anne Arundel County.

After rigorous auditions, almost 200 teens will take the stage in the All-County Middle and High School Band Concert on Feb. 2, according to Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Of the 200 teens chosen to perform, 43 come from Broadneck-area schools including Broadneck High School, Severn River Middle School and Magothy River Middle School.

Jenny L. Neff, an award-winning school band director, will lead musicians from 16 of the county's 19 middle schools. Neff, from the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania, chose a program that will challenge the middle schoolers and impress the proud parents.

John J. Miliauskas III, associate director of bands at Towson University, will lead the high schoolers through a program popular among bands across the country, according to AACPS.

The concert is open to the public for $5 per ticket, and is set for 7 p.m. on Feb. 2 in the auditorium of North County High School in Glen Burnie. Doors are set to open at 6:30 p.m.

Broadneck-area school students involved in the performance include: 

  • Noah Nicholson, Severn River Middle School—Baritone
  • Arsen Omurazkov, Severn River Middle School—Baritone
  • Chloe Baerwald, Magothy River Middle School—Clarinet I
  • Elise Baerwalk, Magothy River Middle School—Flute
  • Victoria Williams, Severn River Middle School—Flute
  • Delaney Snowden, Severn River Middle School—Flute
  • Alexander McCarren, Severn River Middle School—Percussion
  • Zachary Jarjoura, Severn River Middle School—Saxophone (Alto)
  • Matthew Barzal, Severn River Middle School—Saxophone (Alto)
  • Jack Gagnon, Severn River Middle School—Trumpet
  • Genevieve Madden, Magothy River Middle School—Trumpet
  • Nicholas Sorci, Magothy River Middle School—Trumpet
  • Patricia Herberger, Broadneck High School PVA—Bass Clarinet
  • Braeden McKibben, Broadneck High School—Clarinet I
  • Heidi Herman, Broadneck High School—Clarinet II
  • Connor White, Broadneck High School—Clarinet III
  • Sydney Wess, Broadneck High School—Clarinet III
  • Sara Cochran, Broadneck High School—Flute
  • Maura Campbell, Broadneck High School—Flute
  • Shannon Derksen, Broadneck High School—Flute
  • Erin Kemp, Broadneck High School—Flute/Piccolo
  • Caitlin Martinez, Broadneck High School—Flute/Piccolo
  • Jeremy Lamb, Broadneck High School—French Horn
  • Madelaina Ondo, Broadneck High School PVA—French Horn
  • Andrew Barzal, Broadneck High School—French Horn
  • Matthew Kamens, Broadneck High School—French Horn
  • Owen Lamb, Broadneck High School—French Horn
  • Nicholas McCarren, Broadneck High School—Percussion
  • Evan Lesser, Broadneck High School—Percussion
  • Meagan Talamantez, Broadneck High School—Saxophone (Alto)
  • Julian Garner, Broadneck High School PVA—Saxophone (Alto)
  • Paul Pesnell, Broadneck High School—Trombone
  • Allison Kitely, Broadneck High School—Trombone
  • Nolan Stelz, Broadneck High School—Trombone
  • Aaron Bayne, Broadneck High School—Trumpet
  • David Hannon, Broadneck High School—Trumpet
  • Lukas Hallman, Broadneck High School—Trumpet
  • Brendan Omer, Broadneck High School—Trumpet
  • Daniel Policelli, Broadneck High School—Trumpet
  • Matthew Burns, Broadneck High School—Tuba
  • Joey Voigt, Broadneck High School—Tuba
  • Joseph Tayman, Broadneck High School—Tuba
  • Zachary Dissen, Broadneck High School—Tuba


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