Arnold Elementary Practices Armed Intruder Drill

The school will practice a lock-down drill to prepare against an armed intruder.

Arnold Elementary School students will be practicing a drill Tuesday afternoon designed to prepare them and faculty in the case of an armed intruder entering the building.

Principal Shauna Kauffman sent a letter home to parents on Monday, saying the drill was planned before Friday's school shooting incident in Connecticut. She also assured parents that the drill would not be dramatized.

"I want to assure you that no one will be simulating the role of the intruder and we will not announce it as an intruder," Kauffman said.

Students will be given directions to practice a lock-down drill and to go to the safe area in their classroom. Kauffman said she sent the letter home to parents in case they wanted to discuss the events in Connecticut with their children in preparation for this drill.

"These drills are intended to allow our students and staff to be familiar with what to do in emergency situations," she said.

All exterior doors will remain locked, and the only access to the building is in the front next to the main office.

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