Arnold Elementary Gets a New Principal

Arnold Elementary's new principal will be Shauna Kauffman, who was the principal of Crofton Elementary.

Seventeen schools across the county will have new principals in the coming school year, including (AES).

, including AES' principal Rosemary Biggart, who had been with the school system for 40 years.

Arnold Elementary's new principal will be Shauna Kauffman, formerly the principal at Crofton Elementary, according to a press release from Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS). In 2011, Kauffman moved from being the principal of Central Special Education to Crofton Elementary. 

Kauffman asked school administrators for a transfer to a different school this year after an incident at Crofton Elementary where a child threatened a teacher, according to The Baltimore Sun.

A new principal still needs to be named for , which saw its . The changes to principals across the county will become effective June 27.

A complete list of promotions and reassignments in area schools can be found in the "For Your Information," section of the school system’s website.


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