Boys Can't Play Volleyball at BHS

A school policy prohibits boys from playing girls sports, and there are no boys volleyball teams in the area.

Kameron Beans has a passion for volleyball, and wanted to finish out his high school career playing the sport he loved. But he was turned down from the  volleyball team during tryouts because of a school system policy that prohibits boys.

The Capital reported that Beans, a 6-foot 3-inch senior, played at Archbishop Spalding High School as a freshman. His parents—Romanzo and Beth Beans—helped coach BHS' volleyball team to four championships in the past decade. He's also a member of the U.S. Junior Olympic circuit.

Beans may have had enough credibility and skill, but boys simply aren't allowed to play girls sports in Anne Arundel County, as he learned on Saturday when he arrived for .

Bob Mosier, spokesman for the school system, said there are good reasons that certain sports are segregated by gender.

"We have designated volleyball and field hockey as female-only sports. To place a male on one of those teams would clearly, in our view, violate the spirit and letter of Title IX," Mosier said. "In addition, there are significant safety factors to consider when allowing a male player to compete in a girls volleyball match using girls volleyball rules."

Coordinator for athletics, Greg LeGrand told The Capital that Beans would have a competitive advantage over most girls, given his stature, and the height of the net.

But there are no boys volleyball teams at BHS. There are only nine high schools in the state that offer the sport for boys, including Archbishop Spalding.


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