Broadneck, Severna Park Seniors Lead County in SAT Scores

Broadneck and Severna Park students increased scores and led the county in SAT participation last school year.

More 2012 high school seniors took the SAT at Severna Park and Broadneck high schools than any other school in the county.

At Severna Park High School, 83 percent of seniors took the assessment test, and at Broadneck High School, 77 percent took it. The schools also led the county in average scores for all three sections of the test—scores that exceeded the state and national average.

While students in the Broadneck region excelled, the average combined SAT score for seniors across the county was 1,485, 19 points down from last year, two points below the state average and 13 points below the national average. 

So see the full data, check the images attached to this article.

Countywide, participation was up for the ACT, which also reflects state and national trends. Since 2006, the number of exams administered to AACPS students has more than doubled, and enrollment in AP course is up more than 45 percent, according to a release from county schools.

State superintendent of schools Lillian Lowery said the participation numbers were encouraging, but there is still room for improvement.

“Our state has been very successful in increasing participation and diversity in the pool of students taking the SAT over the past decade, but gaps in success have been a problem both here and across the nation,” Lowery said.


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