Incoming Superintendent's Contract OK'ed by Board of Education

A contract for incoming Anne Arundel Public Schools Superintendent George Arlotto contains penalties if he leaves before the end of a year, and prevents him from cashing out sick leave.

Dr. George Arlotto, Anne Arundel Public Schools superintendent. File|Patch
Dr. George Arlotto, Anne Arundel Public Schools superintendent. File|Patch
From the AACPS Public Information Office:

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education has unanimously approved a four-year contract for Dr. George Arlotto to become the system's 13th superintendent starting July 1.

The contract calls for Arlotto to be paid $245,000 annually. It contains no built-in salary increases or potential bonuses for the term of the agreement, but instead allows for increases – at the discretion of the board – that are no larger than those given to 12-month executive staff employees.

Arlotto and Board President Teresa Milio Birge signed the contract shortly after it was approved.

“I am honored and humbled to be able to continue to contribute to our school system, and to lead a group of incredibly caring and committed educators and staff,” Dr. Arlotto said. “The AACPS family is focused solely on the needs of our children, and I am delighted to be able to facilitate and guide our path to access, equity, and excellence for all of our students.”

The contract also calls for Arlotto to receive $20,000 annually to be paid to a retirement annuity and receive a $700 monthly vehicle allowance.

“Dr. Arlotto is an outstanding educator whose work is respected well beyond the boundaries of our county and state, and we are fortunate to have him leading our school system,” Birge said. “This contract recognizes his dedication and the work he has done in our county for the last eight years, and is structured in a fiscally prudent way that also respects the financial climate of our county.”

Birge said that while the superintendent selection process was still under way, the board spent considerable time examining contracts signed recently in other jurisdictions in order to be able to arrive at an agreement that was fair and competitive yet fiscally prudent.

The contract, for example, prevents the cashing out of any sick leave and calls for Arlotto’s annuity payment to be made at the end of each fiscal year, with no payment being made if Arlotto fails to complete a year of service. It also calls for Arlotto to receive salary reductions or furloughs equivalent to the most highly impacted employee group if such measures are necessary.

The contract also imposes a $1,000-per-day penalty should Arlotto fail to give the board 90 days’ notice of his resignation. More information on the work done by the board and Dr. Arlotto in reaching agreement in the contract can be found in the document below.

Comparison of 2010, 2014 Superintendent contracts

Board of Education contract with Dr. George Arlotto


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