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First... This is a brief not-so-commercial announcement, but also about the ground-breaking mix of art & science known as "art therapy":
 My daughter, Emily, a college junior who is majoring in Art with a concentration in Art Therapy, has a few nice portfolio web pages online where she exhibits her original art & photography.  In fact, she's planning to use her photographic excellence to make and save some money for her required post-graduate studies. I posted a few of her works in the Broadneck Pics & Clips gallery here on Patch.  I've made this introductory set of work easy for anyone to take a look for merely a minute or two.  They start at photo-10026427 and continue through photo-10185362 . Emily's got a few web sites or pages out there to stir up interest, including Facebook and Tumblr. Her most ambitious and business-oriented site is built at Weebly - a free site hosting service: http://emilytempestilliphotography.weebly.com The Weebly site is a great way to be introduced to her work, and it redirects further to a Shutterfly page with all sorts of product options. So head on over and check out her Facebook or Tumblr pages as an intro if it's easy for you. But I recommend the focused Weebly site -- especially for those of you who may be looking for special events photography, portraits, and other cool stuff! In September, Emily will be back at school in Western Maryland, but she'll be returning for the holidays which is  a great time for family photos.  Please don't forget the parents and significant others for our midshipmen who you may sponsor.   Thanksgiving and winter break will be here in a flash, as will next May's Commissioning Week events.  She also does photography for sports teams and athletic events. And if you are trying to sell a house, she can help you with the pix.  So please keep her in mind for all these. She's not only a great "fotog," she's also aiming at an important humanitarian career...Art Therapy, often known as the "healing arts." If you're like me, you believe there  really is a strong mind-body-spirit connection in a person's health and that there isn't nearly enough attention paid to it by our medical industry.  Art therapy exists at the intersection between art and psychology.  It is emerging as an effective way to help treat autism, Alzheimer's, post-traumatic stress, wounded warriors, eating disorders, violent crime victims, and -- I can speak from very personal experience -- cancer. Most physicians believe there is a close-knit relationship among the mind, body and spirit, even if they don't quite understand it.  Most physicians are so busy with practicing traditional medicine, and are handicapped by the lack of recognition ability and techniques being left out of the already intensive medical schools & training. But did you know that the human mind thinks 60,000 thoughts in a single day during the ongoing conversations we have with ourselves in our heads?  When was the last time your physician consulted a psychologist, or just chatted with you about psychology and the mind-body connection in your life?  If your's are like mine -- and mine are magnificent physicians -- it never really comes up.  Emily will be creating a real chance - sprung from our local community - to change that! One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales and donations are going to Emily's postgraduate art education and professional therapist certification, both required to be an Art Therapist.  The relatively minimal expense supports the eventual good it will bring to public health & wellness, our deprived, disabled, and aging neighbors, friends and family.  We are they! So, please check out her work.  She's excellent. (And - naturally - we're proud of her.)  You just might find something you can't do without! Now back to our regular programming... ;-) Mark Tempestilli... • Currently serves as:  -- Adjunct Faculty and Tutor at Anne Arundel Community College (Maryland), and Board Advisor to the college's Institute for the Future (IF@AACC). He concentrates on teaching college courses in Futures Studies, Homeland Security, Leadership & other programs, tutoring a variety of subjects and skills, assisting the IF@AACC e-zine "Future Portal," and developing other projects. Other than teaching and writing, his particular professional interests are methods to shape the future - of which there are many... ...including those that are misunderstood;  leadership-dependent;  uncommon, unknown or underestimated;  strategic and scenario planning for any size organization, team, or even individuals (from youth to elder); innovative, collaborative & crowdsourced solutions; technology-assisted learning, and helping to bridge inevitable generation gaps with the "Millennials."   (Check out the Millennials cartoon at the embedded link.  Credit: © R.J. Matson)  -- Private Tutor for college undergrads and high school students in "reading for understanding," "writing across the curriculum," critical analysis & conceptual thinking, study skills, life skills (such as everyday risk management and interpersonal communication),College or Career Planning, and more -- for use with all subjects and courses. (See the combined ad on Patch)  -- Career Coach & Private Mentor for young professionals in leadership skills, project planning & development, innovation, communication & presentation skills, operational risk management, and more -- for any career arena and any job position.  (See the combined ad on Patch) • Is establishing The T-Storm Foundation. Though still in the process of building it before an open launch, the Foundation has a great mission and clear direction... The mission of The T-Storm Foundation will be to support transformative advances in the "health of our society." The T-Storm Foundation will apply an unconventional approach to societal health by pursuing medical or "wellness" progress, but also the overall well-being of society.  It will aim for those advances that have tremendous positive impact. The T-Storm Foundation will have three distinct areas of focus (through three lines of philanthropic support) to execute this mission: 1)  "whole person" development of students, young adults, and new professionals; 2)  critical cutting edge medical research; and 3)  helping communities, organizations and individuals to imagine and shape beneficial futures. The Foundation will also maintain T-Storm Enterprises, which will be internally-directed to conduct projects that further the Foundation's ability to carry out the mission. A T-Storm Foundation website is pending, though a few interesting options are in consideration. We have already begun to focus on three critical medical research programs. 501(c)3 non-profit status is being applied for. Updates will be here on Mark's Patch page. • Served more than 24 years in the US Navy, retiring in 2003 at the rank of Navy Captain.  While serving, he was a Patrol Squadron Commanding Officer in combat zone operations, Operations Officer in several senior staffs ashore and afloat, Strategic Planning Division Director in the Navy Staff, and the first Director of Network Centric Warfare Programs at the United States Naval Academy (USNA).  He holds military subspecialties in Command & Control (C2) and Undersea Warfare (USW). • During his service, Mark led in combat and/or direct support operations in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Former Yugoslavia and Caribbean. He deployed to twenty-one (21) overseas sites while leading a remarkable total and diversity of operations, including; Cold War anti-submarine warfare vs. nine classes of Soviet submarines; support at sea and ashore to military interventions in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Serbia; U.S. counterdrug missions; and many other operations.  Among his detailed achivements were new coordination tactics for combat scenes of action, directing the first continuously armed maritime aircraft patrols since World War II (including devising the requirement for new P-3 Maverick missiles), implementing the first air-sea-ground video network in a multiservice & multinational combat zone, designing the configuration and manning for a new European Naval Command Center, and direction of Sixth Fleet's maritime patrol & reconnaissance aviation for NATO's geopolitical/military "Partnership for Peace." He was cited for being the best C2 Action Officer for multi-carrier battle force operations in the North Atlantic, for his operational and flying leadership, for participation in creating new US Navy strategy, and for development of new operations concepts and DoD transformation guidance. • Has spoken, written, and actively led and worked in a variety of arenas regarding organizational & operational transformation--including Network Centric Operations (NCO) since the beginning of the concept. He led strategic planning for the Navy directorate responsible for approximately $13B of NCO-related C4ISR, Space & Naval Warfare, and Information Warfare capabilities. (C4ISR includes: command & control [C2], communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.) He was the Chief of Naval Operations’ requirements and resource agent for the Navy Warfare Development Command and Fleet Battle Experiments.  Mark formally developed and taught college-level and adult courses on Information Age change, NCO, strategy & tactics, innovation, wargaming, future studies, special weapon effects and systems engineering.  He has developed and instructed an array of operational learning and training initiatives in all venues—on paper, computer-simulated, and live, including Advanced Command & Control (AC2) seminar wargames and exercises; commissioned & directed many advanced NCO and/or Information Age & Millennial Generation studies; developed and led NCO & warfighting implementation strategies-to-tactics, metrics and Transformation scorecards; developed and led an operational planning & learning system, operational risk management, and emerging technology applications to aviation & military operations & tactics; and analyzed Information Age/21st Century personnel roles, competencies & their required education, training, and enculturation actions. • Has Information Age insight and experience that extends from the military to civil affairs, especially regarding command, control & coordination of critical civil operations.  As Deputy for Operations at the Naval Academy his position was equivalent to Mayor & City Manager--leading internal operations (e.g. Fire/Police/Public Works/Environmental Mgmt.), reorganization & oversight of USNA’s new Emergency Operations Center, plus liaison with City, County and State officials and boards.  He was on duty on 9-11, thereafter leading an overhaul & innovation of USNA Anti-Terrorism and Homeland Security programs.  Transitioning to USNA's first Director of Network Centric Warfare programs, he developed & taught advanced courses, recommended new training metrics to DoD and initiated USNA’s new Network Centric Operations & Training Center. • ...in prior corporate ventures, developed and directed a suite of Transformation Support Services, including educational seminars, issues workshops, the MindShiftTM family of games, collaborative online-assisted communities, organizational analysis, and decision support tools for capabilities planning, risk assessment, and effects-based requirements analysis. • -- a multiple health crisis survivor, partly in parallel with the T-Storm Foundation, supports several causes, especially: Interventional Radiology & Oncology Research at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (directed by Dr. Jeff Geschwind), Organogenesis Research at Pittsburgh University's McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine (directed by Dr. Eric Lagasse), Merkel Cell Cancer Research at UW’s collaborative Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (directed by Dr. Paul Nghiem), the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America supporting patients and research for Crohn's Disease specifically and Irritable Bowel Disease in general, with chapters in Maryland and nationwide, and the Repair or Reversal of liver disease fibrosis.  At a moment's notice, Mark will consult or otherwise assist on personal health crisis management. • Holds a B.S. in aerospace engineering from the Naval Academy and an M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland.  As the President’s Honor Graduate from the U.S. Naval War College in November 1995 with an M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies with highest distinction, he published the seminal concept “The Network Force.” (See for example: Tempestilli, Mark "The Network Force," Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, June 1996, pp 42-46; and his presentation at DoD-CCRP's 8th ICCRTS.)  He was also a senior fellow in the MIT Seminar XXI: “Foreign Politics, International Relations and the National Interest.” • Is sought as a frequent conference participant, presenter and facilitator on advanced concepts and Information Age operations & personnel/organizational requirements (for example, this SMi 2003 Industry & Defence Conference, where--though uncited a priori--he chaired and presented).  He has been a trusted advisor to top executives in DoD and industry, and is a member of the Foresight Network, TED, VP International and LinkedIn. Mark was born & raised in The Bronx, NY, and lived for 3.5 years total near Naples & in Sigonella, Italy; 8 years total in  Brunswick, on mid-coast Maine; and 20 years in the Annapolis, MD, area.  He currently resides with his family a stone's throw from Annapolis, in the central Anne Arundel County, MD area.   * Look for MARK TEMPESTILLI's "BLOG on PATCH" beginning sometime in early summer!
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