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Broadneck Patch features "Local Voices" blogs from people who live in the area.

One of the favorite Local Voices on Broadneck Patch is the Cape Blogger, whose blog posts appear regularly on the site.

Broadneck Patch: How does your blog help people in the Broadneck area?

Cape Blogger: As a blogger, my goal has been to help reinforce the sense of community that binds us together so that we always have that as a starting point for our conversations. While I may not share the same political or world views as everyone in my community (and would not wish that—well, maybe I wish it but understand that it would not be healthy), I do share schools, beaches, shopping centers, streets, public safety, recreational activities, the bay, etc. Ultimately, we all have the same interests at heart—a safe, fair and enriching environment in which to work, play and raise our families. In order to achieve all that, we have to be able to talk about what works and what does not and to agree on a course of action to make improvements. My blog posts are not always that focused or relevant, but hidden somewhere in each of them is my attempt to amicably connect with anybody out there who is reading. 

Broadneck Patch: What's your professional background? 

Cape Blogger: I graduated from Duke University with a bachelor's degree in physics in 1988. After a brief stint making sandwiches in a DC deli (Booeymonger for any of you familiar with the Georgetown area), I went to work for a contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center. I began in operations providing space shuttle, expendable launch vehicle and satellite tracking data to NASA's ground and space-based tracking stations. I then moved on to mission design and planning. I met my husband while working at Goddard and completed a master's degree in applied physics at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. My husband and I married in 1993 and moved to Cape St. Claire that same year. Our daughter was born in 1997 and, when our son arrived in 1999, I quit work to be a stay-at-home mom. Now that the kids are in middle and high school, I am trying to sort out what comes next for me with respect to the work/home life balance.

Broadneck Patch: Where are your favorite places around Broadneck?

Cape Blogger: We are very fortunate here in Cape St. Claire to have phenomenal water privileges, and I love our beaches and marinas. When I drive by the main beach in our community, I can't believe such a lovely spot is right here in walking distance at our disposal. We also enjoy walking to the marinas and boat ramp and checking out what's going on—always something. Another favorite Cape spot is the historic that is being renovated and restored as a living museum. It's a quiet oasis tucked away in Cape St. Claire where you can sense the past of the Broadneck Peninsula. I keep meaning to get more involved in the .

The other place that I love and consider us Broadneck residents so lucky to have is the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail. I run on the trail with my friends and bike when I get the chance. It is blissfully flat and well maintained. It's another place where people come together and enjoy common ground. My friends and I pop into or Big Bean for coffee and a chat.

As for restaurants, I am a fan of the here in Cape St. Claire and enjoy meeting friends for a drink at the . We also enjoy and . When my kids were in elementary school, we went to in Cape St. Claire every Friday morning for breakfast. I love the Cape St. Claire shopping center in general—everything we need all in one convenient spot.

I also love the view from the WWII Memorial on Ritchie Highway down toward the Naval Academy Bridge. Great spot to watch the (when they return—fingers crossed).

Broadneck Patch: What's the best advice you can give to someone new to the area?

Cape Blogger: Get a boat. I know we were drawn to this area by the water, and I think getting out on it is integral to the experience of living on the Broadneck Peninsula. Any kind of boat will do—power boat, sailboat, skiff, kayak, dinghy, paddle board, jet ski, etc. A whole other world is available to us by water, and if you don't get out there, you are missing out on our greatest area resource. Oh, and find a way to avoid Route 50 east on summer weekends.

Broadneck Patch: Why should people check Broadneck Patch daily?

Cape Blogger: To be "patched in!" I love this hyperlocal approach to news. It's important to be aware of what's going on around us in our immediate area with respect to schools, environment, economy and development. If we are to be good citizens and contribute our voices, we need to know what's happening—right here, right now. It improves our Broadneck experience. I personally keep up with the Broadneck Patch on Facebook and Twitter. There's no need or excuse these days for wondering or being in the dark about any issue. Thanks to the Patch organization, any Broadneck topic is right at our fingertips along with a forum to express our opinions.

If you live locally and are a blogger or are interested in starting one, send a sample blog post to broadneck@patch.com.


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